Interview with Reagan Charleston

My Interview with Reagan Charleston, Jewelry Designer and Mompreneur

It's a true "pinch me" moment when someone you have a bit of a (giant) mom crush on wears your product—especially when she's the crazy gorgeous and brilliant Reagan Charleston. We all know and love Reagan from "Southern Charm New Orleans," and our adoration for her has only grown since she stepped into her new role as mom to sweet baby girl, Reece Ellis, earlier this year. Today, we chat with Reagan about how life has changed since Reece came into the world and what's in store for her and her beautiful family. One thing is for sure: nothing can stop this bright and talented mama!

We feel like we know you from Southern Charm New Orleans. What is it like sharing your personal life, the ups and the downs, with a national television audience?

"Sharing my personal life in this way has both positive and negative qualities. On the one hand, I have been afforded the opportunity to share the most magical moments of my life with the world -- starting over, starting a family, growing my jewelry business, graduating from law school. I have been able to meet so many amazing people, as well as introduce my brand to people all over the world, which has grown my brand exponentially. However, on the other hand, I have also experienced life changes that brought with them judgment from friends, and then strangers. Over the last few years that we have been filming, I endured marital problems that ultimately led to the end of my first marriage, then I rekindled a romance with my college sweetheart, with whom I decided to marry and start a family. These are the sort of life changes that people, no matter the circumstances, have opinions about, welcomed or not. I really had to learn to develop a thick skin. When you are on a reality show, you have to go through things multiple times... The first when it happens to you, the second time when you are filming and sharing on camera, and then again when it airs and the world gets to see. It has been really difficult at times, but so, so many women have reached out to me to tell me that they have been in my shoes. Without the show, I would have really gone through it all alone. Even though making such enormous changes publicly has been difficult at times, I have felt so supported by the people who have reached out to me and shared their experiences with me. Overall, it has been incredibly rewarding and I wouldn't change a thing.”

The Suki Dress in Black Jacquard.

The Suki Dress in Black Jacquard.

What does the future hold for Reagan Charleston and where can we
purchase your amazing jewelry?

“I am working on new designs and expanding my line into more accessories and homewares. I am debuting my Magnolia Collection for holiday season, and are going on a design expedition in France next month, Baby Reece included. You can purchase my jewelry at, or visit me at my store in New Orleans at Canal Place.”

Jewelry Designer, Reagan Charleston, looking gorgeous in The Suki Dress. She is accompanied to her shop opening by her mini-me, Reecie.

Jewelry Designer, Reagan Charleston, looking gorgeous in The Suki Dress. She is accompanied to her shop opening by her mini-me, Reecie.

And now that you are a mother – how are you balancing your personal life, motherhood, marriage, the BRAVO show as well as your jewelry line, Reagan Charleston Jewelry?

“It definitely hasn't been easy! I feel like my house is never clean enough, I feel like I can never really be as put together as I would like to be, I took out my hair extensions and haven't had my nails done since before Reecie was born, it takes me a little (sometimes a lot) longer to answer emails. But I am getting into a nice groove. I bring Reecie pretty much everywhere I go, and my sister, Reina, has been so enormously helpful. We just load up the diaper bag and go.”

We have noticed from your social media that you are breastfeeding. How has that been going? Why did you make the decision to nurse? What is the best advice that you got from other mothers/or that you can give to other mothers-to-be about nursing?

“I love breastfeeding. I am literally nursing right now... I really love that Reecie is big enough to sprawl out and nurse now so that I have my hands free to use my laptop and phone. That has been the biggest game changer! I was a breastfed baby, so I always knew that I would breastfeed when I had a baby. I was so fortunate that Reecie took to it right away, but that didn't mean that it didn't come with challenges. Several days after I gave birth, my right nipple became super raw and cracked. I don't really know if it was her latch, or if I was nursing more on that side, but it was excruciating. My mom, other mommies, lactation consultants, and nurses all assured me that it would get better. And it did. After a week or two, it just magically healed and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I have talked to so many moms who had to give up because of how painful it was at the beginning, and I just wish I had been able to tell them that it gets better. It sucked (pun totally intended) there for a while, but then it was better, and it is just such an amazing bonding experience with your baby, there is really nothing like it.”

Reece Ellis is such a cutie pie. Any surprises with your new role as a
mommy? Do you feel like she has changed you in any way?

“Everything has changed. She is my reason for everything. Everyone told me how much being a mommy would change me, but I never could anticipate the love I was going to feel for this little person. I feel more relaxed, I feel more centered, more balanced, more driven. It is like she put everything in focus.”

XO, Devon