Welcome to Layton

A modern and chic women walking in a city in her Layton nursing wear.

Hello and welcome to Layton and our blog! 

After having my first child, I struggled to find clothes that were fashionable and functional for breastfeeding.  I was beyond disappointed with what was available for postpartum moms. I wanted clothes that made me feel excited to get dressed again, especially after wearing maternity clothes for 9 months. Since I couldn’t find anything I loved, I decided to design my own pieces. After years of refining my designs, editing patterns, and sourcing the right fabrics, the first collection is ready. I hope you enjoy it! 

 The blog will serve not just as a space to talk fashion (though there will be a lot of that!) but also where we can talk about all things motherhood. From breastfeeding tips, to fitness and nutrition advice, to healthy living pointers, we plan to bring you posts (from me and guests!) that inspire and encourage. Thank you so much for tagging along!



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